Gradient interference

Gradient interference


Experiment on the interference between cyclic color gradients and the perception of spatial articulations and illumination effects.

Core algorithm

The operation is based on the CSS3 function repeating-linear-gradient() which creates a repeated color gradient indicating the key colors and their positions in the base gradient. The experiment uses two overlapping rectangles and, for each, randomly chooses three colors and gradually changes their positions. The continuous transformations, between ever new surfaces and levels of depth, are the perceptual result of the simple superposition of two animated color gradients.

The two overlapping layers partially separated.

Code biography

First version made with dark colors to create a background for the Computer Graphics website header.
Color recalibration for independent use and implementation of options for casual reset of parameters and for separation of the two overlapping rectangles.
Further recalibration and modified interface to work without buttons as NFT minted on Hic et Nunc (now Teia).

Open source version images

Some of the results that can be obtained combining two different cyclic variations.

Open source version executable

The executable version of 2017 with the possibility to see the two superimposed levels separately.

NFT on Teia

Gradient Interference 2021
Gradient Interference 2021